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Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

I realize that everyone is entitled to his opinion, and I respect this. I also hope that you will all respect mine as you read this letter. If you disagree with my claim that the fight to exemplify the principles of honor, duty, loyalty, and courage demands a fight against prostitution, prejudices, old habits, and previous conceptions, then read no further. Last summer, I attempted what I knew would be a hopeless task. I tried to convince Zombie Jesus that poxy so-called experts represent one of the most pudibund wings of obstinate demagogism you can possibly find. As I expected, Jesus was unconvinced. Does he have trouble living with himself, knowing that his priorities are inverted? Well, I asked the question, so I should answer it. Let me start by saying that we've tolerated his revolting, temperamental ramblings long enough. It's time to lose our patience and chill our kindness. It's time to begin a course of careful, planned, and coordinated action. It's time to shout to the world that if he wants to be taken seriously, he should counter the arguments in this letter with facts, not illogical panaceas, personal anecdotes, or insults. I have in my hands a list -- a long one -- of blockish, unsympathetic degenerates who have joined Jesus's faction. It's that simple. I have one final message for you before ending this letter: The bons mots, campaigns, and canards that Zombie Jesus is trying to tattoo on our minds are not educational, but frowzy.

I, uh, don't have anything intelligent to say, but I enjoyed this particular cartoon.

That's okay, you don't always need to say intelligent things on the Empty Calorie blog. But in regards to Zombie Jesus: according to a friend of mine who used to play D&D, beings who defy the laws of nature are given the status of chaotic evil.


Sweet! Zombie Jesus rules!

oh cool, Jesus BJ II, the sequel...

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