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Students and Academic Freedom in Canada

"Writing about academic freedom in Maclean’s in 1936, McGill University’s Stephen Leacock argued that universities should not try to control student speech or seek to monitor student behaviour outside the university. What his readers made of this is not known; we do know that for much of Canadian university history, Leacock’s was very much a minority view. Before the 1960s, the academic freedom of students was largely a non-issue. Administrators and governing boards, usually conceding academic freedom to professors while trying to limit its scope, would not grant any aspect of it to students, typically seen as adolescents who should stick to their studies and to “safe” extracurricular activities. Above all, in no way should they cause embarrassment to the university or endanger its sources of support." (Horn, M.)

By M. Horn Historical Studies in Education/Revue d’histoire de l’éducation 11:1

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