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Dinner with Capitalist Piglet

Tell Jeff I don't get it. It doesn't really make any sense.

I'm right next to you Willem! You didn't need to post that.... but you're right, it didn't make much sense.... much like vegetarianism.
Zing! No, I kid of course, veteratianism does make sense in a lot of ways.

I just noticed that ZI'm on the "Other Weblogs of Interest"! Thanks!

Jefman: I haven't ever heard of 'veteratianism' (see your first post). This is why you should let me proof-read your essays. ;)

"Veteratearianism" is the belief system followed by those who like to eat oxygenated veterans.

sorry, I mispelled "veteratianism" there.... it's a type-o you uptight bitch.

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